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Petar’s Jewellery Ltd. – Fine Jewellery in St. Catharines

Petar’s Jewellery Ltd. offers thousands of breathtaking rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, and figurines. Our diamond specialists are proud to offer stunning, exclusive designs and have more than five thousand rings for you to choose from. We are proud to be your bridal jewellery team in the Niagara Region.


With an incredible selection and personalized service from a dedicated staff, Petar’s Jewellery Ltd. will find the right piece for your special occasion. We also carry over seven thousand figurines and other quality products from a range of leading designers, including:


   Claude Thibaudeau




   Max Strauss

   M.J. Hummel®


   Royal Doulton

   Royal Worcester®

   T&T Jewellers


Our Jewellery

Whether you are shopping for a loved one or for yourself, Petar’s Jewellery Ltd. can find a particular piece or matching set that will go beyond your expectations. At Petar’s Jewellery Ltd., we have a wide range of jewellery, including:



   Fashion rings




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